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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cute Saint Beads and a Resolution

I made these cute saint beads because I couldn't find what I wanted in the stores. When you can't find what you want out there, sometimes you just have to go and make it for yourself! This kind of holds true for our spiritual lives as well!

Often we get discouraged because of one thing or another. Maybe your prayer life is lack luster or your Parish community is just rolling along on fumes. This New Year bring opportunity to make some resolve to do something about those things. If you want a more vibrant prayer life, you are going to have to do the time and put in the effort, but start small! Make some tangible goals like setting a specific time t pray everyday and for how long. Don't set out to climb Mt. Everest with this resolution, you might not make it to the summit of you aren't in shape! Rather treat it more like "I am going to walk x number of steps today". What I'm not saying here is to set the bar low so you won't fail or have far to fall, I am saying take baby steps you can build on. Let say you set a daily time and tell yourself you will pray for 5 minutes, then see how it goes for a week and bump it up to 10 minutes. Make a habit of it! I have this App on my phone that helps me make good habits and keep track of them. You could apply this to your prayer life and add in a goal of prayer then have a tangible way to track and look at your progress...sometimes it really does help to have a visual aid! And if you want a more vibrant Parish life sometimes you have to step up and volunteer for something. Try it! Keep in mind your time limitations and pick something small you can do. Plant a little seed and then watch it grow throughout the year.

Ok so now back to those cute childish Saint beads for bracelets and necklaces I was talking about. I searched in vain but I couldn't find any that I liked or were the right size for our craft. So on went the thinking cap and out popped these adorable little Saint beads. We made some extra ones too so others could enjoy them as well. Clicking on the picture will take you to where you can find the beads, bracelets and necklaces!

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