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Monday, August 15, 2016

Catholic Preschool Printables Review

What do you do about those wee little learners hanging around the bigger kids who want join in the fun of learning too? Well for my little ones I decided I wanted an easy, Catholic, and budget friendly solution! So I started using my illustrations to develop this huge printable package for preschoolers that was cute & Catholic. Because it's a printable, there is only a one time investment plus of course your supplies to print it out. It's so cost effective because you only have to make the purchase once and then you can use it for all the kids you'll ever teach. To save even more you can print it out and use sleeves or pages protectors and dry erase markers for the work.
So included in the printables are letter, number, and shape practice plus coloring pages, and ruled line paper. Numers 1-10 are on the full page sheets like in the picture and then there is a one page numbers 1-20 practice sheet and also a one page complete alphabet practice sheet.
You can purchase the printables over at Saongjai on Etsy.

The set is also available in cursive!

The quick little video shows the meat and potatoes of what's included minus the coloring pages...I didnt have them all printed out.

Here are some snap shots of the printables in a binder with page protectors so we can use the dry erase marker. 


  1. Wow! These are really beautiful! I love the idea of the page protectors for multiple use and the cursive pages are a wonderful addition.

  2. getting the cursive pages now: thanks so much for this!