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Thursday, August 11, 2016

FREE Advent Calendar & Coloring Page

I know it's super early for this, but I have a baby coming in October so I thought that now would be the best time to put this all together! Maybe it will help you plan ahead too. Below the calendar and coloring page is a link to check out our complte Advent Activity Pack that can be purchased before November 25th at an awesome savings! You can find our past year Advent Activities here.


This fun filled printable Advent Activity Pack will keep your little one or ones busy throughout Advent. There are 21 pages including an Advent Calendar with cute saints and corresponding coloring pages for those saints, colored holy cards, coloring pages for each Sunday of Advent, DIY O Antiphon ornaments and coloring pages, and an Advent wreath and Nativity coloring page all for just $5 if purchased before November 25th at SaongJai on Etsy!


  1. THANK YOU for posting this Advent calendar!!! I'm facilitating a Mom's Night Out this Tuesday, focusing on living the liturgical year in general & on Advent specifically. May God bless you & your growing family.

    1. You are welcome! Hope your mom's night out went well :)