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Monday, September 26, 2016

St. Micheal The Arch Angel FREE Printable Prayer Card

My kids love saying the St. Michael prayer and even more they love singing it! A couple summers ago I found this catchy kids version and they are so addicted to singing it. They beg to sing the song at night prayers and sometimes we go on and on because they love it that much! The song I was talking about that my kids love is called St. Michael from the album Totally Catholic by Mary Zitnik. You can buy just the one song on Amazon here. There are other cute songs on the CD too but that one is by far our favorite.
Here is a cute saint prayer card that you can print out. You can fiddle with your printer settings and print out multiple to a page of these and then laminate the card for the long haul.
You can find more cute saints in our shop! St. Michael and the other Archangels are in our second set of  printable Cute Saint Holy Cards along with some other pretty awesome saints!

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