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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Quote for Mothers From St. Francis

I think as a mother sometimes we are tempted to do all the greater things and often forget that while we are doing the little things we are indeed fulfilling our vocations. So this little quote from St. Francis fits us to a T and we should remember it! " While I am busy with the little things, I am not required to do greater things" - St. Francis

It is super easy to get distracted by all the great things we could be doing as mothers and loose sight of the very important little things. The little consistent things like our simple daily duties of caring for our families. Our children will feel the love we pour into their care and tending and our spouses will cherish the simple consistent work we do to make their home a happy place. There is nothing grand in ironing a shirt, fixing a meal or doing the dishes, but these little things are our job and we should never loose sight of the importance it holds.

I am certainly not saying don't go above and beyond, but I am saying it's ok if you don't or can't. It's not a requirement for anyone to do greater or more than they can. As mothers we have a lot on our plates and sometimes just the little things may seem quite great. Should you have the time and resources to do greater things your family will be thrilled of course. I'd almost guarantee that they will mostly likely be content with your simple love and service. Things done cheerfully with love and a smile for those you serve will leave a lasting impression. All the rest is just frosting on the cake of life but not sustenance!

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