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Sunday, April 23, 2017

There is Still Time for You to Plan a Simple Divine Mercy Tea & FREE Coloring Page

Divine Mercy Tea
We had a simple Divine Mercy Tea this morning. I told the girls if they got up early enough they could have a tea with breakfast before Mass. We sang the Divine Mercy as they colored in a cute image of Jesus I Trust in You that you can find here.
FREE Divine Mercy Coloring Page

So Simple You Can Put it Together in a Few Minutes

It wasn't very difficult to put together either. All I did was print out the coloring page, set out some colored pencils and made the tea.
Waiting for their Divine Mercy coloring pages to print out.

Then we sang and BAM there is your Simple Divine Mercy Tea. Celebrating with your children doesn't have to be elaborate if you don't want it to be.

Most of the time I don't have the energy or time to pull something amazing together. Do you know what though? My kids don't care! A simple spot of tea or some other treat and coloring pages, easy craft, or read aloud story and they are thrilled. Oh and babies make every celebration even more special.

...babies make every celebration even more special...

Occasionally, I like to peruse Pin boards and all my favorite Catholic blogs for fantastic ideas to celebrate and I do that for some of the bigger feast days or special family devotions. Check out some of my favorite blogs below.

Here are Some Super Fantastic Blogs I love to Get Ideas from for Celebrating with Kids

How do you like to celebrate with your children? Please share, I love trying out new ideas!

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