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Monday, March 11, 2019

To the Mama that Feels Like She is Living Lent Every Day

We are less than a week in to Lent and I see you dear mama (or anyone with a lot on their plate)! If you are anything like me you might still feel overwhelmed with the ponderings of what to do this Lenten season. You already feel like you may have lived and entire Lent in just one day on some occasions. Like I mentioned above, you don't have to be a mother to feel this way, maybe you are struggling with chronic illness or tremendous sacrifice and suffering. But I encourage you to still walk with Jesus this Lent. You may feel like you don't have much else to give up or even anything left to give.

Lent is a beautiful chance to examine our relationship with God and a time of preparation for a great feast in which we celebrate the Paschal mystery. We need this season to stop, reflect, and check that we order ourselves towards God always. 

When you are over tired, over worked, or over sacrificed, here are my three simple suggestions for a fruitful Lent. 

I want to challenge to you to offer every act you do throughout the day to God. 

It may not seem like much at first glance but if every moment is a prayer and you are constantly offering to God the little things through the day, it will become so clear where things are ordered properly and where they need adjustment.

Get to confession more than once this season. 

I have found that there are so many burdens lifted by this sacrament. It's hard to explain and if you are overwhelmed and suffering confession might be the last thing on your mind. You'll be amazed to see and feel the blessing that comes from bringing all your shortcomings no matter how trivial to Jesus there.

Make a morning offering to Jesus through our Blessed Mother and cap your day off with a quick Examen. 

Mary stood mournfully weeping at the foot of the cross and has a lot of grace to pour out for us.  She is the perfect companion for us in this Lenten season.  As a gentle mother she will hold your hand across a busy street and get you safely to your destination. She wants to guide us to the arms of Jesus, those arms so full of love they are stretched out on a cross for our salvation.

There's even a handy app to help with taking a look at your day each night: Reimagining Examen

This seems to be a season I am in because I found a old post from a few years ago that sounds similar to my musings today. My suggestion then was to try and simply:

"Love More This Lent"

You can check out the free printable I made for it in this post here.

There are some other great ideas for Lent from a few of my favorite blogs: 

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In my last post I shared a new free printable I have for this Lenten season. It's a thank you for signing up to the e-mail list!

If you have great ideas that help you grow closer to God during Lent, please comment and share your wisdom! 

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