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Monday, December 11, 2017

Three Tips on Writing a Letter To Baby Jesus {Free Template}

This year we wrote letters to Baby Jesus on the Eve of St. Nicholas Day. Even though that day has passed, any time during Advent is a great time to write a letter to Baby Jesus and ask for the intercession of St. Nicholas.  Here are three helpful tips:

1. Praise. For a little kid this may be: Good Baby Jesus you are so awesome!  

2. Petition. Tell Jesus about the things in life you love/desire and also the prayers you have for others.

3. Thank. Thank Jesus for his goodness and for listing to the things on your heart. 

Of course your letter doesn't have to look like that but it's a great formula  for prayer to cultivate in little ones.

Here is the free template you can print out.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

What Advent Traditions Will You and Yours Embrace?

This is a busy time of year! There is a lot going on.  So what are the things your family loves to do to help keep the focus on "you know who"? The who that this season is all based around, Jesus our king, the one we patiently anticipate!

I am jumping ahead here with and text above becuase it's fitting for today, the Feast of Christ the King. Jesus should be the joy of all our hearts and I pray this advent we can all focus on the coming of Christ our King.

Here are a few ways my family likes to prepare in Advent and they may also help you celebrate.

1. Make prayer a priority this Advent. You can do simple daily prayer and a great way to do that is with the St. Andrew Novena starting on Nov 30th and ending at Christmas. Also saying prayers when you light your advent candle or praying the O Antiphons the week leading up to Christmas.

2. Decorate and set up an Advent wreath with candles. Now is a great time to decorate but maybe instead of getting all the Christmas things out, you could bring out the greenery and use purples and pinks for Advent.

3. Find little ways to keep your focus on Jesus with caring for others. There are many ways your family can serve others this season. Check out this cute Advent Angel printable I have that is a little game to play to pass the time away
‘till baby Jesus comes to you. 

4. Celebrate the saints during Advent. A great way to focus on Jesus is getting to know the friends who loved him so!

5. Who doesn't love some Christmas music? Well, there are quite a few seasonal songs that focus on anticipating Christ's arrival instead of jumping the gun and celebrating it, like O Come Oh come Emmanuel. I have an Advent playlist going on Amazon Prime and with prime you get to listen to loads of free music. Well one list is just a bunch of different versions of O Come O Come Emmanuel!!!

Some resources for you:
My Annual FREE Advent Calendar
St. Andrew Christmas Novena Printable

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Advent is Short This Year Folks! {FREE Advent Calendar and a Giveaway too}

For the past few years I have put out a free Advent Calendar and this year is no exception. I love offering this to all of you and I pray it helps to plan a meaningful Advent for your little ones. We have a short season this year, the 4th Sunday of Advent is Christmas Eve!!

What are some special things you love to do during this season? Over here we are big on St. Nicholas day, lighting our Advent candles, and praying the O Antiphons. I have a super cute Advent Activity Pack available that includes the FREE calendar plus coloring pages, holy cards, O Antiphon ornaments, and more. You can find the Activity Pack in my Etsy shop, over at Peter's Square, or Catholic Mommy Blogs .

For a Very limited time you can even get my Advent Activity Pack as part of the Catholic Mom Bundle (available the week of  Nov 19-26th) that includes many other awesome resources relevant to mothers and the Advent season! (Affiliate link. I could get a commission if you buy through the Catholic Mom Bundle link )

The giveaway starts November 19th, ends November 26th and is open to anyone. So, I am giving away 3 items. #1: prize bundle of Advent Activity Pack PDF, a cool large purple kids Rosary, and Abigail the Angel PDF (a cute little angel you can print and cut out to hide all over with little prompts for doing good deeds) #2: Advent Activity Pack PDF and the last prize #3: Abigail the Angel PDF.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

FREE St. Luke Coloring Page

What are you doing to celebrate St. Luke today? We ventured out and tried a new to us craft in honor of the patron of artists. We colored on fabric with crayons and then heat sealed the picture in!

Here is a cute color by number image of St. Luke for your little ones to color in. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

A FREE Cute St. Padre Pio Coloring Page

Here is a super cute free coloring page for St. Padre Pio, one of my all time favorite saints.  I usually say a quick little prayer asking his intercession while I am in line for confession and I often ask especially for the grace to see & confess the error of my ways.

What is something you love about this great saint?

Don't forget you can find all my free coloring pages listed here

Sunday, September 10, 2017

7 No Sew All Saints Costume Tips: You Don't Have to Be a Seamstress to Make Awesome Costumes

We love All Saints Day and happily anticipate the costume creating around here. You might think it is a wee bit early to start thinking about All Hallows Eve but really it is just a little more than a couple months away! I have sewn some costumes in the past but most often I don't have time to sew a complete outfit and my guess is that average busy moms don't either.

Plan ahead by choosing the saints and study them. You can study their lives learning about the period they lived and some of their virtues and qualities. This will be helpful when it comes time to put together a costume and enrich little ones faith. Here are seven tips that I think super helpful which don't require you to be a seamstress!

1. Visit yard and rummage sales now! Even though summer is over people are still having sales in nice weather and is the perfect opportunity to find great deals.

 2. Head to the dollar or thrift store for accessories like glasses, hats & jewelry.

3. Think 70's & 80's there are many antique fashions revived in those decades and you can find some costumes that require only some slight alteration for height and width!

Here is a great example. We found this awesome vintage dress at our parish rummage sale undoubtedly from the 70's with lace all over it. The perfect St. Zelie costume and all I had to do was bunch up the sides and safety pin it: instant alteration plus bonus faux bustle. 

4. Handy instant alteration tools: safety pins, stitch witchery, and a glue gun. Most one day use costumes won't require you to dig out a sewing machine! You can add trim with a glue gun and quickly take in an outfit with safety pins or hem a garment with a fuse tape like stich witchery.

5. Repurpose old store bought costumes or even nightgowns (like the Disney princess kind) many female saints were royalty. For boys think about how to tweak pirate, king, star wars, or knight costumes.

6. Shop Etsy and Amazon for ready made costumes!

7. Forget about trying to sew and attach hot facial hair. You can use your makeup as face paint and a little coconut oil rubbed in followed with soap to take it off at the end of the day. Eye liner in black or brown can help to make great beards/ moustaches and lightly applied you can draw on wrinkles cause some saints were old people!

I pray you have fun planning your costumes and that this post may be of help.

If you plan a party check out the links below for great ideas and also explore the awesome All Saint printables that will make planning a breeze!
Shower of Roses -
Training Happy Hearts-
A Slice of Smith Life-
Pinot Noir and Prayers -
Sweeping up Joy -
The Kennedy Adventures -
Under Thy Roof -

                                                             All Saints Bingo Game

Cute All Saints Party Printables

Friday, August 4, 2017

Used Curriculum Sale {and a giveaway too}

There is a great curriculum sale hop going on over at Shower of Roses that we hopped on too! Thanks for stopping by this sale! Shipping(USA only) rates are as follows and all items will be shipped via media mail:  1-3 items for $5 and 4+ items for $7.  I will reply in the comments as quickly as I can and mark things as sold in the original post.  Please comment with the items you want and I will email you a total and invoice you through PayPal. I will be adding more this week as I go through things so check back. You can enter the giveaway through the raffle copter widget at the end of this post.

Check out the rest of the sale over at Shower of Roses.

Wonder of Science:$6   Wonder of Science2:$6   Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework: $3 Art Fun: $5 Craft History Activity Book: $5 Selling Spelling to Kids: $3 Spelling Grade6: $2

Golden Song Book(Hard Back) 56 songs: $7  Sing an Old Song( Paper back) 10 beautiful Traditional Catholic hymns in calligraphy: $4 (I have 5 copies available)  

Behold & See: $15  Science 2: $12

Catholic Preschool Printables (Digital Download PDF): $12
Catholic Preschool Printables Cursive(Digital Download PDF): $12
Cute Saint Awards (Digital Download PDF) $5

And now for the Giveaway! 5 winners will be selected to receive 3 PDF printables: Catholic Preschool Printables, Large Cute Saint ABC Flash Cards, and a set of Cute Saint Awards. the giveaway is open to anyone and runs 8/5/17-8/13/17.

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