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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rosary Wall Hanger

We needed a safe and sacred out of the way place to keep our Rosaries so that they would always be available when it comes time for family prayer. I used to have a special dish in which we placed them up high out of the reach of little ones, just under the niche with Our Lady gently watching over. Although this served it's purpose, they always seemed to become entangled in the dish.

While assisting at our parish's vacation bible school this summer the kids made a craft that inspired me, they made a wooden rosary wall hanger pasted with layers of tissue paper, a holy card and using a nail as the hook to hang their rosary from.  It was a very sweet and beautiful craft. I really liked the use of a nail to remind us of Christ's suffering and passion.

This Rosary wall hanger started out as a plain plaque of wood that was treated with a wood stain and sealer. Then I painted an image of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows and used gold paint to accent her halo and Sorrowful Immaculate Heart.  Just as the children's version had inspired, I used nails as the hooks for the hanger, a generous amount of gold paint was applied to the nail head.

This was a very easy project and you could make one too. The plaque was only $2.99 at Jo-Ann's and I used paint and nails that I had. If you are not artistic you could even use a holy card for the image or maybe some of the beautiful master paintings in the back of an old Magnificat.

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