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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hurry the Catholic Preschool Printables are on Sale for One Week Only at Peter's Square!
Have you all heard about Peter's Square? Regina Magazine just ran this article " The New Catholic Etsy" by Chiara Finaldi! Peter's Square is like a Catholic Etsy of sorts, an online market place for Catholic sellers. I love it because you can feel great about your purchase for 2 awesome reasons.

1. You are supporting hard working Catholic families or individuals that share your values.

2. Your purchase supports great causes because the sellers donate a portion of their proceeds to charities.

I have a shop there and am having a sale of my Catholic Preschool Printables for one week only! You get over 80 pages of letter, number, and shape practice plus coloring pages for just $12 regularly on SALE for a limited time for $8

The best part about this resource is that you can use it for all the preschoolers you will ever have because there are no restrictions to your home use of the product!

If you would like to sneak a peak at it a while back I wrote a post here which includes a short video and some great suggestions for using the printables!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

There is Still Time for You to Plan a Simple Divine Mercy Tea & FREE Coloring Page

Divine Mercy Tea
We had a simple Divine Mercy Tea this morning. I told the girls if they got up early enough they could have a tea with breakfast before Mass. We sang the Divine Mercy as they colored in a cute image of Jesus I Trust in You that you can find here.
FREE Divine Mercy Coloring Page

So Simple You Can Put it Together in a Few Minutes

It wasn't very difficult to put together either. All I did was print out the coloring page, set out some colored pencils and made the tea.
Waiting for their Divine Mercy coloring pages to print out.

Then we sang and BAM there is your Simple Divine Mercy Tea. Celebrating with your children doesn't have to be elaborate if you don't want it to be.

Most of the time I don't have the energy or time to pull something amazing together. Do you know what though? My kids don't care! A simple spot of tea or some other treat and coloring pages, easy craft, or read aloud story and they are thrilled. Oh and babies make every celebration even more special.

...babies make every celebration even more special...

Occasionally, I like to peruse Pin boards and all my favorite Catholic blogs for fantastic ideas to celebrate and I do that for some of the bigger feast days or special family devotions. Check out some of my favorite blogs below.

Here are Some Super Fantastic Blogs I love to Get Ideas from for Celebrating with Kids

How do you like to celebrate with your children? Please share, I love trying out new ideas!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

5 Great Tips to Foster Vocations in Your Girls} the Molly McBride Book Series & a Rosary Giveaway

Giving your life in service to God as a religious is something that was a lot more common in days gone by for young women. Maybe that is because children used to be exposed to religious in daily life more than they are now. Kids want to grow up to be people they know & admire. Every parish has a priest that little boys can look up to but not every parish has nuns or sisters! How can you foster vocations in your girls if you don't know any religious or have them near you? In a bit I am going to share with you some tips I think are helpful for this! At the bottom of this post you can read about the awesome kids rosary I am giving away.
Sisters of Mary of Kakamega
I have always wanted my girls to be open to the idea of a religious vocation should God call them to that. We are blessed that there are the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega in the town where my in-laws live and we get to see them when we visit. They wear a grey habit with a white veil but on Sunday they wear all white! The other day when we were out shopping we saw a couple of them at Walmart of all places...people must have thought I was nuts as I started waving at and shouted out "sisters". I didn't want to miss out saying hello to them.

 5 Great Tips to Foster Vocations in Your Girls

1. Pray as a family and encourage your daughter to spend time in prayer alone...prayer journaling or spiritual reading. This is the most important tip because without a prayer life, God has to speak to you in more complicated less direct ways. When one's heart is in communion with God through prayer it's easy for Him to speak to you. The nudging of the Holy Spirit to pursue a certain vocation (be it married, religious, or the single life) will be more clear.

2. Read to your girls about the lives of religious saints.

3. Visit religious communities. If you don't have nuns or sisters at your parish you can plan a road trip to visit a religious community. You could even browse the internet and see if other parishes close by may have some religious teaching at a school our helping in the community. You can start your search here at the online Directory of Women's Religious Communities.

4. Check out the Molly McBride series of children's books and get them for your girls.
Molly McBride and the Purple Habit 
In the first Molly McBride book, Molly stubbornly refused to part with the purple nun’s habit her mother made for her—not even for her sister’s First Communion. “The idea for the book was inspired by a portrait I painted of one of my daughters dressed up in her purple habit!” says author-illustrator Jean Schoonover-Egolf. “Molly is a mix of both our daughters, and their relationship with the real Children of Mary sisters here in Central Ohio is similar to Molly McBride’s."
Molly McBride and the Plaid Jumper

In the second book, Molly faces all the typical anxieties of starting school: making new friends; being away from her beloved wolf-pet, Francis, for the first time; and wearing that plaid jumper. But she overcomes those hurdles with the help of a new friend (a precious five-year old boy named Dominic who doesn’t want to give up his priest clothes!) and Father Matt, the pastor at her new school.

The moral of the story? Uniforms are important markers of our identity, but they’re not as important as our relationship with Jesus. (Watch for Jesus introducing his stuffed-animal lamb to Molly’s stuffed-animal wolf-pet in the new book!)

In addition to any lessons kids might take away from the book, Jean Schoonover-Egolf hopes the series promotes greater awareness of vocations.

5. Watch some you tube videos about the work & prayer life of religious. There are some great ones out there and I will list a couple for you that we love:
Passionsist nuns of Erlanger, Kentucky show how the bread that is used in Communion is made
Benedictine Nuns of Virginia Dale, Colorado run a 300 acre ranch

Purple Kids Rosary Giveaway
The Giveaway for a large ruberized purple kids rosary from SaongJai is open to anyone and you can enter it through the raffle copter widget below. It will end Divine Mercy Sunday April 22, 2017

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