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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A New Etsy Shop

I decided to make available for purchase some of the items that I blog about. My sister and I opened up an Esty shop named SaongJai. In Thai, the name for our shop means two hearts because this endeavor is something we have set out to do together and also we have dedicated it to the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Ever since we were little we liked to do creative things together and we've always loved to bead and make jewelry. I also wanted to help my sister as she is not able to work a steady job due to illness. So making and selling rosaries, Catholic jewelry, & things, will hopefully be a way she can be supported.

We take custom orders for rosaries, jewelry, crucifixes, and other Catholic things. Our rosaries are heirloom quality, being hand made, beaded in the style of knotted pearl stringing. We will try to accommodate any material you'd like a custom rosary made from.

God bless and thanks for reading...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beaded Rosaries

These beautiful rosaries are made with a variety of beads ranging from wood, glass and gemstones. Lots of time and love have gone into these unique one of a kind rosaries that are keepsakes and will add a little something special to you daily prayer life.

These Little pocket Rosaries are kind of neat. To keep track of the decades you just slip the ring onto a different finger!

Holy Water Bottles and Devotional Candles

Here are some more Holy water bottles and a neat idea for devotional candles. When the candles have been burned use the beautifully painted glass container as a vase for flowers by a holy picture or statue!