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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

FREE St. Therese Coloring Page

One of the books that made a lasting impression on me as a young adult was The Story of a Soul. A simple way to love God in all we do. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think we have to aspire to the greatness we envision the lives of saints to be. In reality our good Jesus is simply calling us to follow in his footsteps and to love all of those around us. We are called to offer up little daily struggles and afflictions in love to Him and to return His love to all humanity.
Please enjoy this coloring page!
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A Necklace for the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega

The Sisters of Mary of Kakamega are missionaries in our diocese.
They have such a loving and joyful countenance. The St. Therese necklace is a fundraiser for them as they are opening up a foster home for the elderly. Can you imagine the blessing it will be for residents to be cared for by the joyful nuns? You can participate by checking out the Facebook page below and leaving a bid by Oct 1st. The highest bidder can make the donation directly to the sisters!
This St. Therese necklace is a fundraiser for the sisters who are missionaries in our dioc