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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

FREE Cute Nativity Coloring Page

As our Advent season comes to a close and we are anticipating even more that holy night our Savior was born, here is a cute coloring page for the little ones. I don't know about you, but it has been a full Advent for us! Just trying to keep everyone fed, the house from falling apart, and school rolling along all on no sleep with a newborn has been quite a challenge. But I felt something different this year in focusing on just the necessities of life and it has resulted in a very beautiful advent where our focus was all on the needs of each other and thinking about baby Jesus coming. Having the new baby around for this season has been kind of a neat way to look forward to Christmas especially for the older kiddos.

I pray you all have a very blessed Christmas!

Don't forget you can find all the FREE coloring pages over here!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

FREE Cute St. Lucy Coloring Page

Here is a cute saint coloring page for St. Lucy. I am also including a list of links to help you discover ways to celebrate her feast!

Ideas for celebrating St. Lucia Day - Shower of Roses
St. Lucia Crafts for Catholic Kids - The Kennedy Adventures

Check out last years St. Lucy coloring page!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Our Advent Plans and a FREE Advent Calendar

So with the new baby we are going to keep doing things kind of simple this Advent. I am just using our Advent Calendar to plan things out which is FREE for you to use too!
I will add in the coloring pages from my Advent Activity pack.
and make the ornaments for the O Antiphons from them. Each Sunday we'll read the Mass readings together as a family and let the kids color the corresponding stained glass window coloring page (this has the readings on it so you can crack open the Bible and find them easily).

We are also going to play a little game with Abigail the Angel. This one is easy for me because I just hide the angel at night and place her with one of the cards for the kids to find in the morning. She sends the child on little mercy missions each day to help them prepare their hearts for Jesus!

Have a blessed Advent!

FREE Printable St. Andrew Christmas Novena Card

Another cute FREE activity for you and your little ones!

The Feast of St. Andrew will be here in a couple days on Nov 30th and here is a St. Andrew Christmas Novena printable for you to help make prayer time with the littles fun. You can print them out on card stock and they should hold up nicely. For added strength, you can even laminate them.

I can't think of an easier or better way to prepare for Christmas than praying a beautiful simple novena that everyone can join in.

To see all of my Free Activities and coloring pages, you can click here.  And don't forget to grab your free cute saint Advent2017 calendar here
What are your Advent plans? Here are some Advent printables available for purchase from my store Advent 2017 Activity Pack  and the cute Abigail the Angel PDF 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Coffee & Crayons: FREE Giving Thanks Coloring Page

This past Sunday I listened to an inspiring homily from our bishop and I really want to share my thoughts about it with you. The point of his homily was to encourage us to continue the year of Mercy in our daily lives even though this special year is coming to a close. He directed us to look at the visitation: Mary went to visit Elizabeth and reminds us of Jesus' call to visit the sick, the lonely, the imprisoned, and the forgotten. We need to continue showing mercy to those around us!

I came across this verse when looking for something that ties into Thanksgiving for this month's quote and I just love it! As this year of Mercy ends, we need to remember that God's Mercy endures forever and so we should also continue to walk in that Mercy and dish it out to everyone around us.
      Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good,
      His mercy endures forever. Psalms 118:1

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Handmade Christmas Gift Guide and Giveaway

Before you hit the shops for Black Friday next week, keep in mind giving a heartfelt and handcrafted item that supports a Catholic Family.
Here are some of my favorite items to give people. A few of them are from my shop, some form friends I know and others just cool Catholic stuff I have stumbled upon around the web.

I have a tendency to lean towards giving a gift with meaning...either it's something I have made or I like to add in a wee reminder of the faith :) I am not sure if everyone appreciates this or not, but it's my little way. Plus it feels good to give a handmade gift, and if you are not the crafty type well then this post will help you find something heartfelt plus help out the awesome people who make these things. Feel good about what your hard earned money is being spent on and shop with confidence that the folks who put a lot of heart into their craft will not be giving your money away to causes that contradict your faith :)

The good part you have read through this whole post for: The Giveaway!!!
The Giveaway will start Nov 17th and end Nov 23rd.. It is open to US & Canadian Residents.
There will be 1 winner selected the items shown below: 1. St. Nicholas Printables 2. Cute Nativity Gift Tag Printables 3. Vintage or Old World Master Ornament 4. Sew your own Soft Nativity Kit. Winners will be notified by email so please make sure when you enter the Rafflecopter that your information is correct, prize must be claimed within 3 days or I will select a new recipient.
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With the start of Advent right around the corner, we have put together this awesome printable Cute Saint Advent Actvity pack to keep the little ones focused and having fun through Advent!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A New Little One Joins Our Crew!

So we had a surprise early visit from our new little man! He was supposed to be delivered on October 17th but had other arrival plans. We are all smitten especially the girls. They want to love and cuddle the new little life God has blessed us with.
I get a lot of comments after people ask how old everyone one is...all the kiddos are just about 4 years apart. The comments go something like, "wow you planned that out perfectly". Now I'm not a witty quick to respond person. What usually comes out is no I didn't really mastermind any of this, it just worked out that way. What I'd love people to know is that we are not in control and wish to leave the blessing of children up to God. I also wish people knew how hard of a journey bringing life into this world for us is. Each of our children here with us is a rainbow baby and preceded with the loss of a precious little life not destined for this world. Pregnancy is a difficult and painful journey for me as I have constant contractions early on and have to supplement with injections through out to maintain our precious little life.

Every family has different struggles and blessings. For some, the begetting of children is easy and for others it's hard or impossible. Whatever your story is, you can know that our sweet Lord has allowed the struggles and blessings to benefit your journey home to Heaven. Hardly anyone wants to hear that life is lined with struggle here, but the reality of it all is that Jesus came to show us the way and His life was full of hardship and struggles. So if we are to pick up our cross and follow Him, there will be some struggles along the way, but nothing that He can't see us though or even carry us for part of the way. Life is not only about the struggles, but joys too! God determines to fill our souls with joy to lift us up and also bless us amid the struggles.
This precious new baby is such a joy for our family. He melts everyone's heart and brings a smile to all our faces. I am over come with love for this little fellow. All the struggle and pain for the last 9 months & surgery starts to melt away and I am so blessed. Everyone is blessed, and there is also a big opening of hearts as we all have to give a little more of ourselves to make room for our new addition. Children provide lots of opportunity for growth in selflessness, compassion, & service to others.

Thank you Jesus for our little blessings!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Remembering the Departed FREE Printable

This month of November is dedicated to All Souls. Here is a FREE printable you can use to help pray for those who have gone before us. This is how the Church remembers our dearly departed folks, don't buy into the pagan Day of the Dead rigmarole! Here is one of the best articles I have found as food for thought on the compatibility of Dia de Los Muertos with the Catholic Faith: Is Dia de los Muertos really a Catholic holiday?

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy All Hallows Eve

We are keeping it kind of low key this year because of the new baby. Usually low key for us is letting the kids dress up and we go to Mass, but this year Mass isn't being offered tonight, just tomorrow. So Momma is staying in with the baby and the Papa is taking the little ones out dressed up as saints. We may play a game of All Saints bingo and have a few treats tomorrow on All Saints Day. I just finished illustrating a printable All Saints BINGO card set and have some cute party printables up.
This year both girls are obsessed with baby anything  and they both wanted to be saints that had a baby as part of their costume. So Rose is St. Gianna Molla and Lily is Our Lady of Good Counsel. This mamma is too tired to try and whip up something for the baby, but that's ok!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

FREE Advent Calendar, Coloring Page and Activity Pack Giveaway

You can enter the Giveaway the end of the post through the Rafflecopter.
So earlier in the summer I put this together because I knew I wouldn't have time to work on it when baby arrived. I am going to repost the FREE Advent calendar & coloring page here so it's easier for you all to find.

There is an awesome matching Advent Activity Pack that I have for sale chalked full of coloring pages, ornaments, printable Holy cards to get you through Advent in an engaging way for the little ones. The cute saints included as coloring pages and holy cards in this pack are St. Andrew, St. Nicholas, Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Juan Diego, St. Francis Xavier, OL Guadalupe, St. Lucy, and St. Adelaide. There are over 20 pages in this printable for just $5!
You can also purchase this Advent Activity Pack over at Peters Square a new online Catholic Marketplace where every purchase goes to support a great cause!
And now for the Giveaway! I will be selecting 5 winners to receive a digital download of the Advent Activity Pack on Nov 2nd. Please make sure the info you use to enter the giveaway is correct because I will be emailing the winners a link to download the Activity Pack. This Giveaway is open to anyone and will end on Nov 2.  

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Coffee & Crayons: FREE St. Pope JPII Quote Coloring Page

So a couple days from now the feast day for St. Pope John Paul II will be right upon us. Here is a coloring page of quote from him that I just love. A majority of the world runs around thinking that
"Freedom" has only to do with what they personally want to do in life. This quote beautifully sums up what our freewill and freedom are truly all about.    

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

10 Tips For Praying the Rosary with Children

October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. This beautiful prayer is a contemplation on the life of Christ and is a great way to tell the story of good news to little ones. You may think it an impossible task to pray the Rosary with small children, but I assure you that with a little effort and consistency it will be a beautiful time of prayer with your family.

1.Take the time to explain the mysteries to the children kind of like story time and bring the life of Christ fully alive for them.

2.Allow them time to add their own special intentions for the Rosary you are praying, this will be something exciting for them to look forward to.

3. If you can't get through an entire Rosary at one sitting consider praying one decade each sitting and get through a set of mysteries for the week.

4. Get the kids their own special rosaries. Or better yet, make rosaries together for all of you to use!

5. Have them color while praying the rosaries...there are lots of FREE coloring pages out there with the mysteries of the rosary as subject matter.

6. On special occasions, pray a candy/treat rosary. You can use Chocolate or carob chips for the hail Mary's and MnM's, fruit pieces, or marshmallows for the Our Father's :)

7. Make a special mysteries of the rosary booklet your kiddos can flowing along with. If they make it, it will be even more special to the. You can always find a children's rosary booklet on the web or at your local Catholic book shop.

8. Make a giant rosary to use as a living rosary while praying together! You can check out the one we made here.

9. Go to Daily Mass somewhere they pray the rosary prayer is beautiful and the kids will enjoy participating with prayers they know!

10. Find a Children's rosary recording to pray along with. This is great for car rides or just to switch it up a bit.

Some Links for resources and history on the Rosary:
Our Lady of the Rosary Coloring Page - From Life, Love, & Sacred Art
Coloring Pages for the Mysteries of the Rosary - From Family in Feast and Feria
13 Ways A Busy Mom Can Pray The Rosary  - From

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

FREE Divine Mercy Coloring Page

St. Faustina and Divine Mercy. Today, Oct 5th we celebrate St. Faustina, the Polish nun whom Jesus revealed privately the Message and Image of Divine Mercy too.

This image is part of the Way of Mercy VBS pdf for kids K-5, you can print it out to use as a visual aid when talking about St. Faustina & Divine Mercy

For a little story time with the children, you can find some great information about
St. Faustina and Divine Mercy at the following places:
On the Web:
Divine Mercy in My Soul Diary of Saint Faustina
St Faustina video from EWTN Multimedia/MY+CATHOLIC+FAMILY+-+ST+FAUSTINA.axd

Here is a coloring page or craft for Divine Mercy. You can use them as a coloring page or you can color them out and glue them to a board to make your own special Divine Mercy image plaque. I think we are going to take some full page foam board and paste scraps of colored tissue paper to it to make it look like a stained glass window then put the colored divine Mercy image over it!
Free Divine Mercy Coloring Page
If you are curious about The Way of Mercy VBS printable we have, you can check it out here or by clicking on the picture.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Quote for Mothers From St. Francis

I think as a mother sometimes we are tempted to do all the greater things and often forget that while we are doing the little things we are indeed fulfilling our vocations. So this little quote from St. Francis fits us to a T and we should remember it! " While I am busy with the little things, I am not required to do greater things" - St. Francis

It is super easy to get distracted by all the great things we could be doing as mothers and loose sight of the very important little things. The little consistent things like our simple daily duties of caring for our families. Our children will feel the love we pour into their care and tending and our spouses will cherish the simple consistent work we do to make their home a happy place. There is nothing grand in ironing a shirt, fixing a meal or doing the dishes, but these little things are our job and we should never loose sight of the importance it holds.

I am certainly not saying don't go above and beyond, but I am saying it's ok if you don't or can't. It's not a requirement for anyone to do greater or more than they can. As mothers we have a lot on our plates and sometimes just the little things may seem quite great. Should you have the time and resources to do greater things your family will be thrilled of course. I'd almost guarantee that they will mostly likely be content with your simple love and service. Things done cheerfully with love and a smile for those you serve will leave a lasting impression. All the rest is just frosting on the cake of life but not sustenance!

Monday, October 3, 2016

FREE Rosary Coloring Page

October is the month dedicated to the Holy Rosary. Our Priest reminded us of that at Mass this weekend and urged us all to pray the Holy Rosary more or start if we were not already praying. A fun way you can pray the rosary with little is by using the free rosary coloring page I have below as place holder for treats like chocolate chips or fruit!

Here is a FREE coloring page for The Holy Rosary.

It's part of a larger printable pdf available for sale with more coloring pages and colored poster you can print of How To Pray the Rosary and a listing of all the mysteries of the rosary.