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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

10 Tips For Praying the Rosary with Children

October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. This beautiful prayer is a contemplation on the life of Christ and is a great way to tell the story of good news to little ones. You may think it an impossible task to pray the Rosary with small children, but I assure you that with a little effort and consistency it will be a beautiful time of prayer with your family.

1.Take the time to explain the mysteries to the children kind of like story time and bring the life of Christ fully alive for them.

2.Allow them time to add their own special intentions for the Rosary you are praying, this will be something exciting for them to look forward to.

3. If you can't get through an entire Rosary at one sitting consider praying one decade each sitting and get through a set of mysteries for the week.

4. Get the kids their own special rosaries. Or better yet, make rosaries together for all of you to use!

5. Have them color while praying the rosaries...there are lots of FREE coloring pages out there with the mysteries of the rosary as subject matter.

6. On special occasions, pray a candy/treat rosary. You can use Chocolate or carob chips for the hail Mary's and MnM's, fruit pieces, or marshmallows for the Our Father's :)

7. Make a special mysteries of the rosary booklet your kiddos can flowing along with. If they make it, it will be even more special to the. You can always find a children's rosary booklet on the web or at your local Catholic book shop.

8. Make a giant rosary to use as a living rosary while praying together! You can check out the one we made here.

9. Go to Daily Mass somewhere they pray the rosary prayer is beautiful and the kids will enjoy participating with prayers they know!

10. Find a Children's rosary recording to pray along with. This is great for car rides or just to switch it up a bit.

Some Links for resources and history on the Rosary:
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1 comment:

  1. These are awesome! I don't typically try to get my four year old to pray with me, too often, yet. But, I do have him recite the Hail Mary's for "Faith, Hope, and Love" with me. That's all I try to do for now.

    I will need to come to back to this as he gets older!