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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Paschal Candle

I made our Paschal candle today and thought I would share with you a few tidbits. I am always reminded this time of year about a dear priest who was our pastor in Arizona. He was insistent on saying Happy Paschal Feast!

Jesus is the Paschal Lamb, the Paschal Mystery is the center and crux of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and this season we are coming upon this Paschal Feast is the pillar of our Christian faith. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior died for us so that we may be free from sin and enjoy everlasting life with Him. Though undeserved we are He gave His life to save us because He loves us and His Mercy is abundant. No matter what we have done, how immense our transgressions He is merciful looking at us with love and not chastisement only saying sin no more and pick up your cross...follow Me.

Making this candle every year and lighting it during this upcoming season is a reminder of God's Mercy and unending love for us.

God is the beginning and the end of everything and I love being reminded of that when I look at this candle seeing the symbols for Alpha and Omega. We are reminded also of His suffering for us. In a real liturgical candle used in church there would be 5 pieces of incense embedded in the wax candle on the cross to remind us of the wounds of Christ.