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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Blessed Mother and a FREE Printable

Did you know today is the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary? We usually have a little party in her honor her and make some goodies to go with a spot of tea.
In past years I have even had it together enough to bake an awesome cake! (My kids still talk about our cool cake that we made a grotto out of black colored caramel corn for Our Lady.
So even if your super awesomeness isn't consistent and the creative spurts are here and there, just remember that even the little that you do, your children will cherish)
This year we are celebrating quite simply as our new baby is getting close to making his arrival and this mamma is quite tired. Some things we will do today are read a little bit about Our Blessed Mother, add in some coloring pages to our school day for her, and maybe watch one of the Marian CCC of America cartoons :) I really wanted to make it to Mass this morning but after a rough night of contractions and lack of sleep I woke up as Mass was just starting! Here is to making it next year!

Some great ways to honor and celebrate today might be...
Go to Mass:
Say a Rosary, Read about Our Lady, or Learn a new Marian Prayer!
Make a Rosary:
Make a Marian Craft:
Make a Tasty Treat:
Other Ways to Celebrate:

Because it's our Lady's Birthday, I thought I would share with you one of the cute certificates in my new Cute Saint Classroom Awards Printable. I call it the Immaculate Hart of Mary Birthday Award.
You can find the complete set of 20 different cute saint awards in the shop here

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