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Friday, October 12, 2012

Holy Water

We like to have Holy Water handy always.  Years ago I started painting vessels so we could be mindful of the beautiful sacramental.  We try to keep our special font by the front door filled always, but it’s also nice to have the reserve set aside in a special way too. 
If you knew me you would know that I love old things.  I used to always tell my mother I was born in the wrong era, well I wasn’t Our Lord has me right where he wants me.  However I would feel quite at home in an era that made beautiful things especially churches filled with inspiring art that pointed our minds to the wonder and glory of God. Today as I was searching through web pages I came across this beautiful website that was right up my ally. They just so happened to have a page on the sacramental of Holy Water. The content on this site is just so beautiful and perfect for this post that I have to share it with you.
                                 I hope you are inspired. Holy Reflections website

I like to make the vessels beacause the ones in stores always are too small. I don't like to run out of Holy Water. You can make your own beautiful Holy Water vessels buy decorating glass jars. You could  decoupage, use puff fabric paints, or use glass paints like I did. The paints I use are called Pebeo by Vitrea and I use a combination of both the marks and outliners. It creates a nice stained glass effect. 

If you are not crafty you you can also purchase Holy Water vessels like the one below.

I thank you in advance very kindly for using my links to make any purchases as I do get a small commission for sending customers their way.


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