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Friday, December 5, 2014

St. Nicholas Day is Coming!

I am so excited about celebrating St. Nicholas with the kiddos in a day. This year I have added something a little special to our tradition of small treats and holy items in their stockings. Personalized St. Nicholas Mugs! I am overly excited about these cute little mugs I painted for them. I think it will be something special we can get out every year to have their cocoa or cider in on St. Nicholas Day.  Hoping the image of this Saint who was selfless and giving, a true example of Christ's love to others will help us focus on his life and how he lived it. I'll take this teachable moment with them to point out the importance of giving rather than receiving at this special time of year.

On to the more interesting part of this post. Where can you get one of these spiffy mugs? Well I would start at the Dollar Store which is where I got the mugs and then head on over to Michaels where I bought the glass paint to paint them with. As you can see, it doesn't really need to be a masterpiece, if you need to you could print out a simple picture of St Nic ( I've drawn you a little template) and tape to the inside of the glass and trace over it. I would suggest getting 4 colors of paint: black, gold, red, and another primary color. The paints just squeezes out of the bottle there is not even a need for paint brushes or other tools.

If you get the Martha brand of glass paint after 30 minutes drying time you can pop the glasses in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and they will be resistant to washing with soap and water I would not recommend the dishwasher for these even after firing!

And here is our little surprise all nicely laid out waiting to excited smiles and happy faces on such a fun day to celebrate. I have some gold coins in the stockings and a couple small statues of Jesus and Mary, some caramels, and lastly these cute little teddy bear heat packs.


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