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Monday, March 2, 2015

FREE Online Catholic Conference for Moms!

BannerFans.comHi Everyone, there is this amazing free resource for you called Catholic Conference 4 Moms coming up at the end of the week March 6-9, 2015.

Every day during the conference, Friday, March 6- Monday,March 9, you will have access to 5-6 talks, just as if you were at a live conference. This link will come via email. What's different is that you can choose which talks you want to watch or listen to and when you you want to do it.  Early morning? Wonderful.  Nap time?  Great.  Before bed?  Super.  Car line?  Fine, as long as you don't try to watch while driving!

You can attend the conference totally free this weekend! There will be no obligation to purchase anything, but after the conference is over, it will all be available for purchase for one low price of  $39.99 and use the code SaongJai for $10 off!  This will include online access to all the videos, as well as a download of every video presentation.  And besides all of this, there will also be bonus downloads, PDFs, discussion questions, ebooks, and other goodies.

The hope is that with this package you not only can enjoy the conference again at your own convenience, but you can also share the conference with other moms, perhaps in a support group setting or just over tea. Each presentation in the conference package will include discussion questions.

I think this is a wonderful's difficult for mothers to get away for a weekend and this is a simply way to recharge without rearranging your schedule!

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