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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

FREE Paschal Feast Egg Coloring Page

I have a set of beautiful Catholic themed egg coloring pages up for sale in the shop, but I wanted to make one of them available here for you. This Happy Paschal Feast Large Egg Coloring page would make a great family coloring project and then you can put it up for decoration!

Below is the Easter Egg Coloring Page Set you can purchase on Etsy. This is a 5 page set of coloring pages for Easter Eggs with a Catholic theme. There are 8 large half page size egg designs on 4 pages and then all 8 egg designs smaller on one page. These would be great fun to color and cut out for Easter decorations. The smaller ones can be colored and pasted back to back to make ornaments or put on cards. The creative possibilities are quite numerous.

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