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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Making a Gaint Rosary

Well we wanted to make a very large rosary that kids could participate in saying the rosary while holding on to a part of the rosary. We started out small class size but someday I would like to make one for a large group...but that would require finding something super large and not too expensive I could use to make the Rosary beads with.

For this project I got practice balls from the sports section in Walmart and spray painted them. They were very inexpensive and came in a package of 15 for $1.88. Unfortunatly you can only get them in the store.
 For string we used nylon cord like the kind you might use for a laundry line.

And finally for the center and crucifix I used wooden shapes of a heart and cross that I painted to match the our father beads. I got these at Jo-Ann's.

For the corpus I just ordered a simple plastic one from Space age plastics corpus for the crucifix and I drew a picture of Our Lady of Grace on the heart. You could cut and paste a lovely image of Our lady from a Christmas card or magazine too.

We put it all together and tied knots around each bead so we could space them out and make the rosary large. Here is the finished Rosary when we used it for our Joyful Mysteries VBS program.

I am so sorry to disappoint but I had great during the project pictures until some sticky little fingers managed to erase a years worth of picture from my SD card! The only thing I would do different is not paint the practice balls or at least use a plastic approved spray paint to paint them. As usual, I was in a hurry to see what it would look like all finished so just used the spray paint I had on hand wears off!
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