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Monday, November 2, 2015

Military Mission Rosaries for Veteran's Day

Well Veteran's Day is around the corner next week. Being the daughter of a veteran always compels me to hold veterans in particularly special place of my heart. Especially the wounded or suffering ones, the ones who have no hope or no one to love them. Jesus wants us to show our love and care to them. They need to feel their lives matter and one place I truly see this happen is at the chapel at the VA Domiciliary in White City, OR. They are there for the physical help they need at the hospital but then Jesus meets them at the chapel. He meets them in the Pastor, Priest, and ordinary folk who come just as they are to worship God with them. There are no distinctions there because all of us are wounded and broken coming humbly to our Lord in prayer and praise. It's a special place, that chapel there. A place for people to come together a place for veterans to feel God's love for them. My momma plays the music out there for Mass and sometimes for the protestant services too. She seeks out the vet's who have a desire to serve with their musical talents and tirelessly commits to making them feel loved and welcome. I can't remember a Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter at my parents house that isn't attended by a few of the veterans that have no place to go on those special days.

As I was walking out of the chapel last Sunday I noticed a few little mission rosaries that were lying on one of the tables as I walked out.  I felt compelled to make some sturdier more rugged ones that we could give and have available for the taking on that little table. So the inspiration was to make these Military Mission Rosaries for the Veterans at the VA.

We set up a fundraiser to buy the supplies with and my sister and I are donating our time to make these. Maybe you will feel inspired to pray for our efforts or make a donation. Either are equally appreciated. May God Bless you!

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