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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Where is the Love for Our Red, White, and Blue?

Good morning folks. I am not sure if this is bugging you as much as it is me, but I am wondering why I don't see facebook flooded with profile pictures showing the compassion and mercy we poured our for France when everyone heard of the tragic terrorist attack there. Our beloved Country and the people of San Bernardino deserve to see our love and support too, but most of all have our prayers! They need our prayers for peace and God's Mercy to carry them through such a senseless tragedy. 

There are so many questions this boils up in me. Have we become desensitized to violence and the loss of precious life? Is this a side affect to a culture of death? Do you remember what tragedy and terrorism felt like on 911? Let us not become deaf to the cry and pain of human suffering throughout the world, but most especially not to our fellow countrymen!  Be shocked, be outraged, and cry to our God for Mercy. Fast, pray for peace, & pray for our beautiful United States of America.

Join me will you, in making this image your profile picture?

Maybe you would rather have a cover banner instead of changing your profile picture.

As we journey into this season of Advent, I say let us pray, fast, and love! Jesus wants us to love. The world needs more love from everyone. And not the comfortable love but real love. Compassion for those suffering rom injustice, hunger, cold, abandonment, and also for those who are deceived. Real love lets the truth be told and still shows mercy to humanity. Jesus didn't stone to death Mary Magdalene, He loved her, but he told her to go and sin no more. He didn't say it's all cool carry on your merry way!

What are some things you can do to prepare this Advent for Jesus? Maybe you can think of little ways to let Love ripple forth from your family into your community:

    Visit the elderly, find a Charity to work with that brings joy to people, do things that will help the    cold and hungry.
    Seek out the suffering at home in your community. Maybe there is a family in need at your church...ask your pastor if there are families that need help this time of year. 

    Give to your local food bank.

    There is this sweet charity called Lydia's Love that makes birthday dreams come true for homeless and underprivileged children who might never get a party.

    I asked my husband if he could cut some extra wood this year incase there were people who might need it this winter.

Stop and think about what you can doesn't take much to make a difference...just a little bit of thought, some small sacrifice, and LOVE!I challenge you to make a difference. Leave a comment about what you will be doing to show God's love this time of year! Or share a link to one of your favorite Charities!

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