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Monday, August 15, 2016

The Perks of Home Education

 This. I just love! One of the fantastic perks of  Home Education. When the weather is lovely we take our lessons outside and soak up that beautiful sunshine our Good God made for us. We can also bring to life what we are learning about. I just love the Builders of the Old World, it's one of our read aloud
books. In the chapter we were reading, we discovered the first paintings and had the perfect chance to make some prehistoric art ourselves with some charred leftovers from our fire pit!
This copy is from my childhood. I am not sure where to get it now. My dear mother saved so many of the books she loved from our homeschool days and passed them along to me! I am so grateful because of the fond memories I have from the times she taught us. I hope my children have wonderful memories too someday.    
There is just something so cute about tiny little toes...

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