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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Building an Igloo with Math and FREE Printables

Earlier in the winter, I thought we would make math fun by building an igloo in all our snow and sneak in some simple geometry. Well, we started on the igloo and were unable to finish due to a severe winter storm we had that piled loads of snow on us. Then the snow all melted away. But, today it's snowing again and so I thought I would post this story anyway even though it's Spring because some of you out there may still be getting snow!

We only built two levels of our igloo and spray painted them orange with food coloring in a spray bottle. So our grand plans of a palatial igloo were dashed and we ended up with a bright snow fort for a few days instead. However, it was so much fun and that was the point!

Supplies you will need:
         Ski poles or some kind of stakes
         Block form(s) ( this could be a rectangle plastic bin or you can buy a snow brick form)
         Spray bottle & food coloring (to paint your igloo or snow fort)

Before you dive into the instructions below are links for some saints who loved Mathematics:
                                                               St. Christopher Clavius
                                                         Blessed Francesco FaĆ  di Bruno
                                                           Blessed Herman the Cripple

Here are some detailed instructions and a couple printables to turn this outdoor adventure into a math lesson. To print theses out click on them and save the image, then you can easily print them out.

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