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Monday, November 10, 2014

Bright, Coloroful Kids Rosary & Coloring Page

So here is a new set of rosaries we have been working on. Bright and colorful large kids rosaries. The idea here is for an engaging spiritual tool to help the little ones stay focused and become intrigued about prayer. To capture little ones attention, they are made in bright neon colors or kids camo for the little fellas :) I have sent a few out to friends with kids and one response after they were given to the children was " Mom can we pray the rosary". Sometimes a little creativity can go a long way and I think finding ways to  engage children in prayer is a worthy endeavor.

Here is a look at some of the different designs.
Bright and colorful neon rainbow rosary where each decade is a different color or an alternating color for each bead to help with keeping track of where in the prayer one is.
Neon Rainbow Rosary
Neon Rainbow Rosary
Camo rosary set in three different colors. A little some
thing just for the little fellas.
Camo Rosary

Camo Rosary

Pink & Purple Rosary
And a something special for all those girly little ones out there
Pink & Purple Rosary

I have made other solid color rosaries like these in blue, green, yellow, & orange....not every little girl's favorite color is pink or purple!

To go along with every kids rosary purchase I decided to include for free a download of our new how to pray the rosary coloring page.

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