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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DIY Mass Kit for Play

I have been perusing Etsy and have seen many little child's play Mass kits out there. They are all so very cute but sometimes expensive. A dear friend inspired me and jumpstarted my creative juices. Just a note...I will not be making these to sell in my store! I just want to show you that with a  little creative thinking you can possibly make a set too...without even buying one single thing!

Everything in this little set I found in junk drawers, hardware boxes, and craft bins that were just lying around in my house, I put a little epoxy to some things and gold spray paint.  This is the result:

Bells were made out of my old kitchen cabinet hardware and some craft bells I had in one of my bins.

I have supplies to make crucifixes, but if you had a kids plastic wall crucifix you could spray paint it gold.

The monstrance I made out of various light wood pieces hanging out in my craft room.

The chalice I just spray painted some vintage cordial glasses gold.

I had the little easel in one of my craft drawers, perfect for hold up a little Mass book

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